Board Appointments

To apply for  a board appointment, you must apply in person or by US mail.  We do not accept applications/resumes by email or fax because of sensitive personal information contained in the application.  If applying by US mail, please use the address found at the bottom of this page or on the front page of the appointment application.  You may pick up an application at the Commissioner's office or you may print the appropriate form by clicking on the "Board Appointment Application" link under the "Quick Links" section of this page.  You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader or equivalent to view and print these documents (the form is a fillable form)We must receive your application by close of business on the deadline date listed below.

Appointments Available for 2017

Board Slots App. Deadline
Industrial Development Authority   11/30/2017
Planning Commission   11/30/2017
Board of Assessors   11/30/2017
Airport Authority   11/30/2017
DFCS Board   11/30/2017
Hospital Board   11/30/2017
Board of Elections   11/30/2017
Board of Transportation   11/30/2017

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