Volunteer Fire


Upson County Volunteer Fire


To contact any of these departments, please dial the E911 non-emergency number 706-646-7912.


Upson Volunteer Fire

Northside Vol. Fire Dept. - Fire Chief Andy Hay
Thurston Vol. Fire Dept. - Fire Chief Richard Hickman
Salem Vol. Fire Dept. - Fire Chief Ruben Holston
Rock Hill Vol. Fire Dept. - Fire Chief Nicky Hamby
Lincoln Park Vol Fire Dept.-Fire Chief Donnie Andrews
Yatesville Vol Fire Dept. - Fire Chief Ronnie Riggins

Upson County is currently serviced by six volunteer fire departments. These departments are equipped with 1 Pumper truck and 1 Tanker truck. Most of these departments have multiple trucks which enables them to respond and to handle fires on and off the county water system. These departments also provide medical services to the citizens of Upson County by being First Responder Certified. The departments are also able to provide vehicle extraction in the event of automobile accidents. All volunteers are expected to maintain a high level of professionalism and a certain amount of training in order to keep their volunteer status. We are very proud of the volunteers in each department due in part to the fact that without their services, it would put a tremendous burden here in Upson County.


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For Emergencies Dial 911