Clerk of Superior Court

Upson County Clerk of Superior Court

116 W. Main St.

PO Box 469

Thomaston, GA 30286

Phone (706)647-5847

Contact: Teresa Harper


Clerk of Superior Court

Teresa Harper-Clerk Of Superior Court
Sandra Salter-Chief Deputy Clerk

Crystal Burks-Deputy Clerk

Jennifer Greathouse Rogers-Deputy Clerk

Katy Hurt-Deputy Clerk

Becca Haney-Deputy Clerk



Invalid and Renewed Liens under the State Tax Execution Modernization Act.  Click Here for details.

Supreme Court Approves Civil Case Filing and Disposition Forms.  Click Here for press release.

For Real Estate EFiling Please Contact:

CSC eRecording Solutions

Email Address -

Phone Number - 866-652-0111

Website -



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We are very excited to announce that Upson County Superior Court is now accepting electronically filed documents in general civil and domestic relations cases.

As the Upson County Superior Court Clerk, I am a member of the Council of Superior Court Clerks of Georgia. The Clerks’ Council has partnered with GreenCourt Legal Technologies to create PeachCourt as the most convenient way to eFile court documents in Georgia.

To get started, visit and register for your FREE PeachCourt account. Please keep the following in mind:

1.       eFiling is optional and is an alternative to filing printed documents by hand.

2.       Filing fees and costs are processed electronically through PeachCourt at the time of filing.

3.       PeachCourt uses email to provide you with alerts related to your filings.

The Griffin Judicial Circuit judges have executed a standing order that defines the rules and procedures for eFiling. Click Here for a copy of the standing order.

For answers to all your eFiling questions, contact PeachCourt:

Jay Bland, Esq.

Director of Attorney Support

844-GA-EFILE (844-423-3453)

Our mission is to provide every citizen with the greatest possible access to the justice system. My office is committed to making this program a success. As your Clerk, I encourage and welcome genuine feedback on the process.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.



The Clerk of Court is a Constitutional Elected Officer elected by the voters of their county to serve a four-year term.  The Clerk of Superior Court and all employees are first and foremost public servants each and every day. The office of the Clerk of Superior Court performs a wide range of record keeping, information management and financial management functions in the judicial system. This office also provides court support to each superior court judge. In general, the Clerk’s responsibilities as mandated by the Georgia State Code are to:

  • File, record and index all documents related to real estate and personal property transactions in the county.

  • To file and maintain criminal and civil dockets as well as dockets on domestic suits.

  • To attend to the needs of the court in the performance of the duties of the clerk

  • To keep in the Clerk’s office all documents, records, microfilm and dockets and all other things required by the Georgia Codes; and

  • To perform all other duties required by Georgia Law under code section 15-6-61.

 In addition to the services listed above, the Upson County Superior Court Clerk’s Office also serves as a U.S. Passport Agent.  All U.S. Citizens can apply for or renew their passports through our office.