Citizen Request


You can now communicate with your County Government without making a phone call!  The Citizen Request link in the frame to the right will allow you to report many things to us.  The request that you send will open a work order in our system and also send notification to the appropriate person to handle your request.  Once the work is complete you will also be notified of completion.  This system is not intended for reporting emergency situations.  Please use emergency reporting methods such as 911 for all emergency reporting.

What not to do:

This request page is not for communicating general information or any other county related business or concerns.  Only legitimate requests will be accepted and responded to.  Anyone submitting bogus requests and comments will be blocked (blacklisted) from our system.

What you can report:

  • Report a damaged trash container.
  • Report your trash not being picked up.
  • Report an incorrect trash bill.
  • Report no trash service - This is to report someone being in violation of the Upson County Ordinance.
  • Report a Code Ordinance violation.
  • Report a water leak - County water.
  • Report a pothole or road issue.
  • Report a down tree in road or right of way.
  • Report a damaged or missing road sign.
  • Report a ditch/drainage issue.
  • Report a County Recreational facility issue.

Instructions for filling out and submitting requests:

  • Choose the Citizen Request link in the right hand frame of this page.
  • From the Task Type dropdown menu, select the type of issue you are reporting.
  • From the Building Area dropdown menu, select the appropriate location of the issue you are reporting.
  • In the Room # field, enter your street number and street name (Optional).
  • In the Details field, enter the specific details of the issue you are reporting to include any information we would need to appropriately handle your request.
  • In the Your Name field, please enter your name (Required).
  • In the Your Email Address field, please enter your valid email address.  This is required so that we can send you notifications and also to communicate with you should we need additional information to handle your request.
  • The File Upload area of the form is not required but does offer you the ability to attach a photo of the issue.  This can be helpful to us in resolving your request.
  • After filling out the form please choose the Submit Button.  You will get an email notification after you submit the form letting you know that we have received your request.  You will also get a notification email when the work order has been closed.  Note - If you do not get these notifications, you either did not submit the form properly, you entered the wrong email address, or your email system is not functioning properly.  To avoid these notifications being placed in your junk email or spam folders, please add to your safe senders list in your email program.



Click Here to submit a Citizen Request to your County Government.